Sanremo is always Sanremo

Ok, it’s not as important as the Oscar Night, but in Italy Sanremo music festival is one of the most important events of the year: love it or hate it, it is always commented even by those who (pretend they) don’t follow it. For me, it’s sacred. My family used to sit in front of the tv the first night to listen to the songs and to exchange gossips about the singers and guests, and now that most of them are gone, I followed the latest edition with my mother and boyfriend pretending we’re still all together.

I’m going to collect some pics of the oufits by Italian designers.

Alessia Piovan, model, assistant of the first night, in Alberta Ferretti:


Second night, the gorgeous Eleonora Abbagnato, première danseuse of Opéra in Paris, doesn’t forget her italian (SICILIAN!!) roots and wears Dolce&Gabbana, perfectly matching her natural grace:


Third night, Gabriella Pession, actress, romantic and fairy in Giorgio Armani:



And now, let’s talk about some singers: Patty Pravo – please try and forget the bad face surgery, she’s been one of the most beautiful and elegant singers in Italy. Now she’s still elegant (most of the times – there was a TRANSPARENT blouse under her jacket, and she was naked under it) and she could still have an interesting face if she could cope with the fact everyone has to grow older and that sometimes exceeding in surgery can spoil your face more than age can. Here in Roberto Cavalli.


And in the end, one of my favourite styles – and voices- of this edition. Dolcenera in Just Cavalli shows that you don’t always have to be in black to be elegant, and makes me wish spring comes soon…



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