After this long, difficult winter

Well, I have to say that I’ve seen better seasons in my life. But now that spring is beginning to warm the hearts and the skin, I want to say goodbye to this long, difficult winter.
The pics you’re going to see have been (VERY randomly) taken on the beach on a surprisingly hot and shiny late autumn Sunday afternoon.

BF, casual version.
In general he has a nice sense of style, I think. He loves sunglasses above all, which is very good, so he’ll never have the guts to tell me “Did you reall need new sunglasses?”

One of my favourite coats, which is already 10 years old and which I LOVE, both for its colour and for its model. This winter I’ve often worn it with contrasting colours, such as orange and yellow. Scarf taken from BF’s closet.

Which is my foot? Which is yours?
Last year I’ve fallen in love with those black, flat shoes which remind me of those tango dancers. They are very comfortable ,yet neater than those everlasting-but-horrible sneakers. One of my best buys ever, sure.

My curls. They’re SO longer than this, now!

When I’m too tired of what’s going on, I just think of this boat near the beach but still far from its noise, and everything calms down.

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  1. Che belle foto…che giornata tenera e serena deve essere stata! Hai dei capelli bellissimi! e adoro le scarpe tipo oxford church’s, bellissime, ne vorrei un paio anche io, sono un basic che non tramonta mai!


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