25 random things about me_fashion&beauty edition

Yes, I’ve been away for a while. Hard times for my family, but now I’m slowly trying to catch up.

I’ve been recently tagged in a Facebook game, “25 random things about me”. Never seen anything more boring, so I’ve decided to transform it into a “Fashion and Beauty edition”.

So, let’s start:

1) As a child/early teenager I wanted to be dressed as my best friend. With horrible results, both because we were so different, and because sometimes she had such a crappy taste in fashion! 🙂
2) The most expensive piece in my wardrobe is a Roberto Cavalli jacket I received from by boyfriend as a present for my 25th birthday
3) I wasn’t able to walk on heels until 2008, then last summer I was so crazy to buy 3 pairs of shoes in the same day
4) I like creating my own bijoux out of old beads, buttons, wool and so on…
5) I simply can’t imagine my wardrobe without shrug cardigans and harem pants
6) This winter I bought my first little black dress
7) I’ve been working since 2007 on finishing up all my make up (hard work, I used to have more than 200 items!!) and replacing it with MAC items
8) I have a huge crush on scarves, bangle bracelets and big diva sunglasses
9) I LOVE colours!!
10) I have too many styles to describe my style: do I have a style? I don’t know!
11) You’ll never see me wearing leggings, short skirts and skinny jeans: I hate my knees
12) When I’m wearing traning suit and I’m not going to the gym, it means I didn’t feel like going out today and didn’t go out in pyjamas just because I still care for the ones who will see me around!
13) If you want to spend a fortune for me, go for a Balenciaga bag instead of a diamond ring!!
14) The first thing I’ve bought with the money of my first summer job was a pair of cargo/baggy jeans
15) The last thing I’ve bought is a brown leather bag on 50% discount
16) Randomly named fashion icons: Dita von Teese, Audrey Hepburne, Sienna Miller and Keira Kneightely (in boho/street style version), Morgan (Bluvertigo), David Bowie and Tom Ford
17) My favourte shops have funny names: Morgana, Ghi-bli, Dixie, Panico, Sottosopra, Atlantide…
18) This winter I invested on coats
19) Buy me a Keico Mecheri, Serge Lutens or Jo Malone scent and I’ll be yours for ever
20) I don’t see the point in having a nice outfit and a bad makeover (or the contrary)
21) My granny was my first style teacher: from her I learnt that trends are temporary, good fabric and design are immortal. From my mum I learnt how to care for my skin and to make me up
22) Random beauty essentials: no carbs after lunch time, water, fruit&vegetables, a good organic moisturizer, a good mineral foundation, walk a lot, running, yoga, sleep, avoid hair-drier if you have curly hair, find an inspirational fragrance, avoid sunbathing without an appropriate sunscreen, remember to take your make up off before going to bed, limit alcohol (and, if you can’t avoid them, cigarettes) to special occasions, DON’T be afraid of having your hair cut, you won’t be less feminine and they’ll grow again!!
23) Nice underwear can do much for your mood and self confidence
24) I’m not able to use eye-liner, hair sticks and hair clips
25) My philosophy of mostly buying good quality pieces mixing them with cheap ones was born from my frequent lack of money, but then I discovered it’s very fun! ^^

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