Hard day?

Yes. Almost a whole hard WEEK. And now it’s Friday, I’m fighting with a flu I absolutely don’t want, and I hope I’ll be able to have dinner with some friends tonight. I’ve slept until a couple of minutes ago, now I’m sipping tea and I’m planning a home beauty farm to see if I can recover from this feeling of weakness, boredom and a touch of unexplained sadness.

So, now:
– honey incense burning
– my beloved Afterhours playing
– jojoba oil on my hair
– make up removing/face cleansing
– face scrub
– purifying face mask
– moisturizing face and eye mask
– manicure/pedicure
– body scrub
– shower
– shampoo/conditioner
– moisturizing/make up
– deciding what to wear!!

I think I’ll go for a little black dress, with purple accessories and silver/purple make up.
Anyway, it’s Friday, it’s time to relax. 🙂
Have a good week end, folks!


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