Goodbye, Patrick

It was around 1988 when I saw Dirty Dancing for the first time.

I was a chubby, shy little girl and all I knew about dance was that I would have given anything to look like Heather Parisi. What I learned was that dance had sometimes the stunning power of turning awkward people into graceful creatures. From that moment on, I’ve never stopped dancing, even if I’ve never been a talented dancer, even if my feet have always given me problems, even if I’ve had to stop attending dance lessons, dance has always been inside me. When dancing, I felt beautiful and fluent, this is why I’ve never stopped dancing: this feeling was addictive, essential for my self-confidence.
Dirty Dancing is one of those films I could watch everyday without getting bored. Patrick Swayze is one of those actors you can’t forget easily.
Rest in Peace, Patrick.


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