Xmas is over

Yes, it is definitely over.

Collage di Natale

This morning we packed up our Christmas Tree, our collection of small nativities and our decorations. There’s still a bottle of champagne left, but we’ll open it when our friends’ baby, Amelia, will be born, and some sweets, but I’m on a diet since this morning so my BF is going to finish up everything. And this afternoon I’ll be back to work, which means leaving the coziness of our tiny flat.

The nice part is that I’ll finally stop wearing these cute and warm pyjamas and wear something else.
Everybody needs some relax sometimes, but I spent the last two days at home and now wearing a pair of jeans is not a bad idea.
It’s been raining since yesterday evening, it’s freezing and so windy I expect seeing horses and cows flying in front of my window.
I’m looking forward to being back home tonight.
Which means Gossip Girl, DirtySexyMoney and a cup of hot herbal tea in front of the tv.
Everything has a positive side.
Just don’t forget to look for it!

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