Il consiglio scaltro del venerdì – Friday’s Smart Tip

Nail Polish Maniac?
Some quick tips to have perfect nails:
  1. Don’t forget to use a delicate nail polish remover and to remove any trace of nail polish, dirt and/or moisturizer before applying a new coat of polish
  2. A transparent polish is what you need to protect your nail from stains (you all know how dark and crazy colours have been in fashion again lately, and how much they can stain your nails): apply one, wait a little and then apply your favourite polish
  3. Even if you want coloured nails everyday, you should allow at least one “free” night when you change your colour. Removing your nail polish before going to bed and applying it again the following morning is ok. If you’re able to wait until the following night it’s even better.
  4. Gorgeous manicure and perfect housekeeping can match: apply one coat of your transparent nail polish after your coloured one, and apply one again every second day until it’s time to change colour.
  5. Once in a while, give a little rest to your nails: prepare a mix of olive oil and lemon juice and massage it gently on your nails: it will help nourishing and whitening them, so that they’ll be healthy and gourgeous all the time!

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