High waist, high heels, old friends and good news…

Last week I was finally able to meet my friend Amalia for lunch after such a long time!
We’ve been able to talk about our recent past, our future… and the future of our blogs!
In fact Amalia is one of the two authors of Monster and Flowers, a streetstyle blog made in London by Italians, and since we thought it would be nice to throw a bridge over the Channel, soon you’ll hear more about wonderful Amalia and Elisa.
Meanwhile, I’m pleased to introduce you my friend Amalia: bold style, with touches of pin up/vintage.
She was wearing high heels, a high waist skirt and a girly top, bangles and perfectly unmatching nail polish.
What you can’t see is her beautiful smile,
the smile that’s always there for me even if we’re often so far for so many months.

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