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Any Christmas left?

My order at IBS was meant to be my self-Christmas present this year, but one of the books needed several weeks to be available, so they’re all going to arrive next week.
Today we’re putting away our Christmas tree and decorations, tomorrow I’m going back to work, and it’s pleasant to know that there’s still some Christmas for me somewhere… 🙂

4 pensieri riguardo “Any Christmas left?

  1. oh ^^ if i knew you were going to post i would save my last comment to this one and not the last post again 🙂 no Problem.Anyway, that's such a great feeling to still have some Christmas left! I also have that feeling, cause my B can only give me his present this weekend! Hope you recieve your books soon!

    "Mi piace"

  2. Oh, it seems we have two books in common!(I don't know how I'm writing, but I'm pretty sure you'll appreciate my effort :D)Please, let me know your opinion about "il libro del cavolo": I'm very curious about it!

    "Mi piace"

  3. Wow, lukcy you, too, Fleur! ^^ Will you show us your belated xmas present, won't you? :)fataflo, of course I appreciate your effort… and your results!! Ok, "Il libro del cavolo" will be the first book I'll be writing about! 😉

    "Mi piace"


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