Why a new blog? Why a blog in English?

A couple of days ago a dear friend of mine asked me if I was still writing on my old blog.
No, I’m not.
I abandoned it last year and I never visit it anymore. I don’t know why. Maybe it was too personal, I used to analyze my feelings, thoughts, melancholies and it was too “full”, too intricate, too heavy. I need something new, something which can describe better the person I am now.
I want to talk less about me, more about the things I like. I want this moment of my day to be relaxing, pleasant for me and for the people who read me.
The “intellectual” side of me is next to the “fashionable” one, I want to mix them, let them live together. I could have started writing on my old blog, too, with a new spirit, but girls need something *radically* new every now and then, isn’t it?

Why a blog in English if you are Italian?
Because I’ve spent about a half of my life studying English, and now English is my job, so I think I “owe” this to this beautiful language. Because I need practising and improving it everyday in less formal fields. Because I’ve met people from all over the world lately, and I want them to understand what I write. Because some Italian friends of mine will find it useful to practise their English, too, in a lighthearted way.

5 commenti su “Why a new blog? Why a blog in English?”

  1. Ciao Musadinessuno, grazie per il tuo commento! Sei la prima blogger italiana che mi scirve!! Finalmente!! Sono contenta che anche tu aspetti i saldi con ansia…fammi sapere cosa ti comprerai! Piacere di averti incontrata, Buon Anno!

  2. Applaudo al nuovo blog e al new spirit! Basta coi drammoni languido-para(noico)sentimental… Evviva la nuova Musa, che è nuova già da un bel pezzo.Sono felice di leggerti e… Oh My God! mo’ me tocca impara’ sto inglisc… 😉

  3. Ciao Musadinessuno!Concordo pienamente sulla scelta dell’inglese come lingua ufficiale per un fashion blog, lo farei anch’io se solo riuscissi a ricordarmi le basi della grammatica inglese!cmq,grazie a te a quanto pare potrò fare un po’ di pratica in più…Thanxxxxxxx MusaVali

  4. Hello Musa,This is Marianna! First of all, I wanted to congratulate you on starting your new blog which, by the way,looks fantastic and promising! And then, I wanted to thank you for adding my blog to your links! I will definitely extend the same courtesy to you as well. :)I know, it’s strange writing you in English; after all, our native tongue is Italian, but I just wanted to stay true to the official language you chose for your blog. :)Keep up the good work!Marianna


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