2008: Best buys – Beauty

At the beginning of every new year I look back to all I bought during the previous one and decide what are the best buys I’ve made.
2008’s winners are:
make up: Isadora Mineral Foundation (but Vichy Dermablend foundation wasn’t a bad idea, neither: it helps concealing every signs of festive misbehaving, from lack of sleep to overeating/drinking, which appear too easily on my face in this part of the year)
skincare: nothing new. The best ones are still Saicosatispalmi J’Aloè and Kaloè, from 2007
haircare: John Frieda Frizz-Ease Curl Reviver and Dream Curls
bodycare: Pupa Volumizzante Seno (which can be described as a kind of breast-firming cream. THE breast-firming cream, to be honest)
perfumes: Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Noir and Blue Agava and Cacao. Both are perfect for me (of course), separately or layered, but Pomegranate Noir is very good on my boyfriend, too!

Jo Malone also deserves the title of best treat of the year: visiting their shop in London was an experience every woman should deserve. I was helped by a very kind and qualified sales woman who showed, told, explained, of course let me try and suggested to go and have lunch and go back after some time, to be sure that I liked how the fragrances I tried were “transforming” on my skin.
The best marketing solution is not trying and sell at any costs (expecially when what you’re selling is not so cheap, I’d dare to add), but making your customer be unique and pampered. Sometimes someone understands that. Thank you Jo Malone!

And for you? What are your 2008 best buys?

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  1. Ciao Musa, rispondo qui alla tua domanda su Lookbook: anke a me da qualche settimana fa lo stesso scherzo, riesco a fare il log in solo dalla posta che mi arriva da loro, attraverso i nuovi post dei looks io apro la pagina ed effettuo il log in. Non riesco ad entrare dal mio blog o digitando l’indirizzo dal browser…avevo intenzione di scrivergli per sapere cosa sta succedendo ma poi mi è passato di mente…Per quanto riguarda i tuoi errori di battitura non li ho notati assolutamente, anzi complimenti per i tuoi testi in inglese!


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